Trio Energy Group is one of the few pioneering companies that are determined to offer a practical solution to the problem of lacking infrastructure for natural gas refueling.

Natural Gas is an abundant energy source, which is and will be available in United States for many years. With the help of natural gas US can solve many of the economic problems it faces:

  • cut our dependence on foreign oil
  • create highly paid domestic jobs
  • contribute to the elimination of the US budget deficit

Not only natural gas is cheaper compared other energy sources, it is much more environmentally friendly.

Natural Gas revolution is changing America - electric utilities lower their customers' costs by using natural gas to power turbines; chemical industry is investing in the U.S. again. The next step is using natural gas as a transportation fuel. But there is a problem - lack of fueling infrastructure.

Trio Energy has a solution. Focusing initially on the New York City Metro area, we are working on:

  • building/retrofitting natural gas fuelling stations - for fleets and individual use
  • converting existing gasoline vehicles so they can run on natural gas and on gasoline as a backup
  • offering financing solutions to our customers to help smooth out any upfront costs

Join the natural gas revolution - contact us today!

Trio Energy Group


Energy Cost Monitor

USA average fuel prices     2009   2013

Diesel ($ per gallon)   2.19   3.99
Gasoline ($ per gallon)   1.86   3.65
CNG ($ per GGE)*   1.63   2.10
*GGE - gasoline gallon equivalent